Installing marble

And other natural stones (granite, onyx, travertine)

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We will select the exact color and design of a stone by visualization or photo
Client’s request
Selected stone
«If you have any idea of natural stone project — send us a description or it’s visualization»
We will select a rock and send you
a budget calculation in 24 hours

Consultation - Do not hesitate to ask our energetic yet professional sales team to help on design and use of the right material for any areas to be installed with natural stone.

Supply - We supply natural stone including marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, basalt stone, travertine, onyx and quartz slate as well as enginereed stone like crystalized glass stone and compressed quartz.

Installation - We source, manufacture and install our stone so you’ll maintain greater control from start to finish. All with a comprehensive warranty.

Project Management - Our experienced project team has competency in project management works for both internal and external stoneworks. Past projects experience are evidences of our ability to undertake supply and installation contracts.

After Sales Support - Feel free to contact us whenever you have any questions regarding follow up maintenance or additional order. Our goal is to enhance the beauty of these natural resources and fulfill your requirements so that you can enjoy your investment.

Our Milestones:
The Address Dubai Mall Hotel
Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Sunway Putra Mall Kuala Lumpur
If it is necessary,
we can suggest
an alternative
color shade
for the price 15-30% lower

Often there is a material that has insignificant visual difference but it is cheaper just because in nature it occurs more often.

RM 135/fs
Ariston White
RM 46/fs
Polaris White
We will decrease the cost by
optimizing pattern cutting
Tiles 1000x1000 mm 15 slabs in total
Floor area: 32 sqm
Marble price: RM 28,000
Tiles 750х750 мм 10 slabs in total
Floor area: 32 sqm
Marble price: RM 21,000
Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Bringing the bathroom with the touch of gold, making the bathroom in an elegance sense. Natural stone with the color of yellow gold is the simplicity and elegance solution to an unique bathroom.

Presenting the floor lobby by using Italy quarry, making the lobby a luxury outstanding outlook.

Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur Arabescato

The door arch of the hotel lobby are using a book match style. The design of this door arch are based on the slab, every marble slab vein are unique in their own way.

The black and white concept of the bathroom creates contrast, bringing out the beauty of the white marble.

Masjid India Kuala Lumpur Imperial Red

The mosque has aged since we work together to built it years ago. Standing in a all year summer weather, we fulfil client’s request to do the touch up and cleaning work to maintain the beauty of the mosque.

3C2 Cheras Indian Black

As we work with an architect that pay attention to every single details, we aim to fulfil every single details that were requested by the architect to archive the perfect outcome. To prevent any disappointment or mistake, we make sure we submit sample and get approval from the architect. We work to achieve the best for this iconic office building.

The Pearl Jalan Stonor Polishing Work

Polaris white marble origin from Greece are mixing with black marquina marble and Armani grey marble making the work extraordinary and unique. Our experience installer team have to install the gold brass strip piece by piece onto the marble. Last but not least, it is a must to accomplish the work with floor polishing work to bring out the shine.

The Mines Bungalow Waterjet Flooring

This classy mansion hall floor panel is made of few different type of material. Water jet technology is a computerised technology that can cut most materials including marble and granite into any beautiful shapes and complex pattern

TGV Volakas

The indulge lounge uses volakas marble. Volakas marble has a classic, timeless look which is perfect to create an elegant ambience

Volakas marble has a wide range from off white to semi-white tile with fine light-grey veining

Marble Single-element coating visibility

We will lay out the tiles on the dry surface and will change the places of the panels for finding the combination with the minimal contrast on the joints and create the single-element coating visibility

We work only with the narrow
profile groups of workers

Tiles, staircases, slab laying, front elevations - all these different courses have their own particular kind of treatment and installation and for each of the courses we provide you with a skilled worker

Marble Kuala Lumpur

Knowledge of these details will help you to keep the high quality of all mounting process

Correctly organized mounting process will let you finish a project in a short time not disturbing another construction members