About Us

Superb Stone Industrial Sdn Bhd (SSI) was incorporated on 16th December 2009. The company’s core business is in the processing of high quality granite, marble, sandstone, travertine, limestone and engineered stones for supply and installation to both retail and projects’ sales in the domestic markets.Superb Stone has also embarked on downstream integration by buying marble and granite blocks directly from the quarry source through its network of reliable quarry owners. Despite the stiff competition in stone markets, we are able to maintain a competitive edge through its close association with quarry owners who support us by giving preferred selection of quality materials and at competitive pricing.

Superb Stone has its own sizing plant located in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia that is fully equipped with the latest technologically advanced machineries, which include 5 units of computerized bridge cutters, 2 units of edge profiling machines and 2 units of polishing machines. At full production capacity, the factory is capable of producing over 50,000m2 of granite/marble slabs per annum.

We are able to offer competitive pricing, high standards of quality finished products, genuine sensitivity to the varied demands of customers’ requirements and dependability for timely completion of secured orders through the following synergistic advantages

Direct Sourcing to offer competitive pricing and quality stone materials to its customer

Hands-on Approach where the founder of the company involved personally into the day-to-day operations of the business to give direct attention to its customer.

SSISB Marble

Experience Production Team is trained to understand the inherent characteristics of stone materials and to apply their technical expertise to meticulously enhance the beauty of these natural resources.

SSISB Marble Factory

Experience Project Team who has competency in project management works for both internal and external stoneworks. The successful completion of prestigious projects such as Istana Negara Malaysia and Burj Dubai, Dubai Mall are the testaments of our ability to undertake supply and installation contracts.